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XP capsules are earned in Campaign battles, Resource missions, Objectives, or Arena battles. They can be consumed to give heroes experience. If the capsule meets the heroes' class, double experience is awarded.

Different tiers of XP Capsules can be told apart by the number of blocks at the bottom; a tier 1 capsule has 1 block, tier 2, 2 blocks, and so on. The color of the capsule turn a brighter green towards higher tiers as well, with tier 6 being yellow.

Campaign battles award XP Capsules up to tier 5. Resource missions awards a large amount of XP Capsules, up to tier 6. Random tier 6 XP Capsules are awarded as Milestone Rewards from Arena, up to 30 per season at 50 victories. This might be the easiest way to earn them, especially for newer players, as the only requirement is only to win a number of battles and facing difficult opponents is not needed.

Tier Xp
1 25
2 50
3 100
4 375
5 750
6 1500

Talents that give bonuses to Hero XP do not affect Xp Capsules.


  • The tier 6 capsule used to be visually identical to the tier 5 capsule until they were fixed to have 6 blocks and with a more vibrant green color, later changed to yellow to be more distinct.