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Wonder Woman is a Silver, Might class hero that is available to the player when they first buy the store's hero chest after completing part 1 of Chapter 1 Battle 1 on Normal Story Campaign.

Her shards is directly available as a drop from the store's Hero Chest and Premium Hero Chest, Achievements, and through completing Heroic Story Campaign Chapters.


"Wonder Woman combines both attack and defense. She raises the attack for her entire team, and gains a special bonus against male opponents. Wonder Woman can also reflect damage back on her attacker with her Shield Block."


The abilities for Wonder Woman are:

  1. Amazon (Passive)
  • +X%Damage
  • +X%Team Attack

Wonder Woman gains fury when facing male opponents and boosts team attack.

  1. Shield Block
  • +X%Incoming Damage reflected
  • -X%Incoming Damage

A defensive pose that reflects a portion of incoming damage back onto attacking opponent. While defending, power is slowly drained from Wonder Woman.

  1. Down Thrust
  • X Damage

Wonder Woman combines her sword and shield for a couple of close distance vertical strikes that smack down her opponent.

  1. Amalthea Bash
  • X Damage

Diana pushes her opponent and bashed them with her shield.

Each ability follows a formula to calculate it's damage, and upgrade Cost. Each Ability has its own level.

Note: Passive = Always active in battle And Base Damage refers to Wonder Woman's Damage in Stats.

Basic Attacks[]

Light Attack (% damage stat)
Dash (2% damage stat)
Jump (4% damage stat)
Crouch (% damage stat)
Range (% damage stat)

Tag (% damage stat)

Light - light - light - X (X% - X% - X%): Creates weak knockback, opponent can close.

  • All combos can be preceded by Tag.

Super Move[]

Amazon Arsenal: Wonder Woman stuns her opponent with a blast from her bracers, lassos them and uppercuts them with her shield, which she then throws at them. She then jumps up and punches the opponent to the ground before impaling them with her sword and shield, then stomps on them.

Obtaining Gear[]

Gearing up is a way to boost character's Stats, for Wonder Woman gear can be found by:

Gear Normal Heroic Gear Level
Helmet Chapter 1, Battle 12 Chapter 1, Battle 24 1, 3
Breastplate ?,? Chapter 2, Battle 12 4
Bracers Chapter 3, Battle 12 Chapter 4, Battle 12 3, 8
Boots ?,? Chapter 1, Battle 6 2
Sword Chapter 2, Battle 24 Chapter 3 Battle 24 2, 7

Gear Set Bonus[]

A Gear bonus is when the character has a number of gears equipped out of five total gears that the character can have on at once. The character gains a bonus for having it equipped. It is possible the level of gear could affect the bonuses. Wonder Woman has the following Gear Set Bonuses:

  • 2/5 Equipped: +10% Critical Damage
  • 3/5 Equipped: +4% Health
  • 5/5 Equipped: +8% Attack


  • Diana’s armor with all five gear equipped resembles her console counterpart’s outfit.