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Warrior Queen Wonder Woman is a gold 3 star base Might class Hero.

Her shards can be won through Challenges and obtained from Regime Chests.

Both her shards (which seems unusually common) and her gear is available from raid completion rewards. Level 1 gear also might be available through Operations and Basic Chests.


She is one of the weaker gold heroes, but her Shield Block allows her to still be useful.

She is generally fairly easy to beat as an opponent. Her passive is often a hindrance to the AI, as the Amazon Warrior (which has the same specials as her, but no supermove) summoned is weak and would use specials that deal little damage for a waste of power.

They also tend to use their jump attack (lasso swipe) which knocks back their opponent slightly if you're blocking, before using their special 1, which causes the latter to miss.

Both of this features make her a very good target for Energized Starfire to heal from enemy power usage.