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Once an active member/moderator on Injustice Mobile wiki, now active here. Very proud of certain edits and blog posts relating to "strategery" on both sites, like the "official" Superman/Injustice 2 strategy section (or as I call it, "the book", which when I was active was up to date on then-released heroes), or the "unofficial" Superman/Injustice 2 complaint thread (which was also up-to-date at the time).

The name and avatar come from my favorite Batman The Animated Series episode, "Perchance to Dream". Broadly speaking I like the world of comic books and DC comics I guess, as I think I'm up there in terms of "active fan who doesn't pick up actual comic books". I am a big fan of most of the shows in the classic DCAU, but also a huge The Brave and the Bold fan and a modest Beware the Batman fan. Don't like most other of the recent animated stuff, especially not the continuity in the "DC Animated Movie Universe", though I really, really like the relatively recent Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Don't get me started on the cinematic/extended universe: sad!

Batman Begins is one of the better films originating from the world of comics, and The Dark Knight is the outright best. (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is a hidden gem in this regard; I place it after TDK.) Oh, and of course: the recent The Lego Batman Movie is plain awesome, if for rather different reasons.

I'm not Batman-centric per se, but if only for "law of large numbers" reasons, most good DC Comics material relates to Batman or Superman or both in some way.

Perchance I2M Blog-World Guide[]

None yet, though I have posts planned; for the vestige of my blog activity relating to IM1, see here.

Brag Sheet[]

To be composed.