aka TwistedRealities

  • I live in Iowa
  • I was born on December 17
  • My occupation is Prefer not to say
  • I am Male

Welcome to the family! Let's make this wiki better and stronger than before! We just know you'll do awesome! I've been playing since June 2017. Now, I know that this website has run down so much, but I'm going to keep it running. So I guess I'm one of the 'founding' fathers, along with Atheist723.

Current Account Name: TwistedRealities (as of March 16th, 2019).

League (private): EmeraldKnightsNeo (founder as of February 17th, 2019).

League Members: 23

League Requirements:

  • Must be active at least three times a week.
  • Ask for invite
  • Must be over 4 million threat.
  • Must have a Green Lantern character, preferably Emerald Green Lantern, since he is the easiest to get.
  • Must be over level 45.

Officer Requirements:

  • A whole month of activeness.
  • Over 8 million threat.
  • Help out on Raids and Shard Donations a lot.

Total League Threat: Over 201.2 million.

League Raid Level: Raid 7 (sometimes 8).

Total Threat Level: Currently calculating...

Favorite Class: Tech

Favorite Hero: Dark Supergirl

My Main Account (based on this spreadsheet) Edit

Character Threat
Darkseid 521k
Arkham Knight Batman 391k
Brainiac 440k
Multiverse The Flash 457k
King of Atlantis Aquaman 199k
Shazam 435k
Heartbreaker Harley Quinn 478k
The Reverse Flash 483k
Multiverse Armored Supergirl 431k
Multiverse Green Arrow 239k
Justice League The Flash 102k
Knightmare Batman 367k
Batman Ninja Batman 73k
Atrocitus do not own
Black Adam 419k
Batman Ninja Catwoman 402k
Multiverse Batwoman 344k
Multiverse Captain Cold 453k
Batman Ninja Lord Joker 178k
Last Laugh The Joker 342k
Red Hood 403k
Justice League Aquaman do not own
Nightwing 437k
Batman Ninja Robin 29k (just got)
Multiverse Supergirl 364k
Justice League Batman do not own
Batman Ninja Harley Quinn 230k
Silver Banshee 413k
Power Girl 397k
Entangling Poison Ivy 258k
Multiverse Black Lightning do not own
Grid 89k
John Stewart Green Lantern do not own
Dark Supergirl 428k
Multiverse White Canary 150k
Justice League Cyborg 345k
Classic Superman do not own
Mythic Wonder Woman do not own
Hellboy 231k
BvS Superman do not own
Predator Batman 407k
Blue Beetle 289k
Cheetah 57k
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