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Let's make this wiki better and stronger than before! I've been playing since June 2017. Now, I know that this website has run down so much, but I'm going to keep it running. Have the best of luck and happy gaming!

Current Account Name: TwistedRealities (as of March 16th, 2019).

League (private): EmeraldKnightsNeo (founder as of February 17th, 2019).

Memberships Available: 0

League Requirements:

  • You must be over 5 million threat.
  • You must be over level 50.

Officer Requirements:

  • You must be over 10 million threat.
  • Help out on Raids and Shard Donations a lot.
  • Contact me or another officer in chat.

Total League Threat: Over 300 million.

League Raid Level: T8

Highest Arena Ranking: 1st

Highest Champion Arena Ranking: 3rd

Solo Raid Difficulty: V

Favorite Class: Agility

Favorite Hero: Dark Supergirl

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Oh yeah, and RAVEN POGS