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Unhinged Harley Quinn is a 3-star base, gold Agility class Hero. Harley Quinn is able to turn one of your enemies onto your side after you've defeated them. Using this on stronger enemies will provide you with the maximum advantage. However, Sub-Zero can be considered a more powerful alternative, be able to do so repeatedly with his special 3.


If she KO'es The Joker, his passive stun will be applied after she controls him.


Harley Quinn is op. she can ko her oppnents and control them!!

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Obtaining GearEdit

Gearing up is a way to boost character's Stats, for Unhinged Harley Quinn her gear can be found by:

Gear Campaign Gear Level
Head Heroric Chapter 4 Battle 6 8
Crop Top Heroric Chapter 3 Battle 12 6
Gloves Normal Chapter 3 Battle 24 3
Boots Heroric Chapter 4 Battle 18 9
Custom Pistol Normal Chapter 4 Battle 12 4


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