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Unbreakable Cyborg is a 2-star base gold Tech Class Hero.


His shards can be obtained in Campaign chapter 2, battle 24. He is the very first gold hero obtainable this way in the game.


Though a decent option at lower levels, Cyborg’s viability falls off at higher stages of the game. He can make for a decent support character, as he can both stun and power drain, but low stats combined with a lackluster passive mean he should not be used once better characters are obtained.


Special 1: EMP-3.0 power bar drained, 1000 damage. 4 power bar cost

Sonic Blast-79% Chance to stun, 30,000damage. 4 power bar cost.

Total Meltdown, 45,000damage. 7 power bar cost,

Basic Attacks[]


Play Style[]

Stat Construction[]

75% defence

75% critical chance

300% critical damage

Team Construction[]

Atlantean armor aquaman

Warrior queen Wonder Woman


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