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The Flash is a Silver-tier, Metahuman Class Hero. He begins as a 2-Star Hero with " 1,129" amount of Threat.

Abilities Edit

Blur- (passive) Increased fast attack chance for tea, and on tag in.

Blink of an Eye- Any distance of six strikes.

Dust Kick- flurry of kicks. Upon use, swipe to increase the kick rate. Don‘t use this often unless needed.

Roller Coaster- Chops multiple times, knocking his opponent away.

Basic Attacks Edit

Play StyleEdit

Stat Construction Edit

From looking at his Gear Set Bonus, The Flash's gear bonuses are as follows:

2/5: +5% Fast Attack Chance

3/5: +4% Health

5/5: +8% Attack

With the above given information on what you get as bonuses when you get to that amount of gear, we can see that Fast Attack Chance is incredibly important as a statistic for The Flash.

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Versus Edit


  • He is currently featured in the game's icon.
  • Story-wise, he is Regime Flash from the first game, after reforming.
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