A Supermove is an ability than any of the heroes or Raids bosses can use. Supermoves do not require any star rating or Hero Level, and cannot be upgraded with credits. They can be performed by spending all 10 power bars, with the exception of King of Atlantis Aquaman, whose supermove only costs 8 bars.

Doctor Fate and Power Girl can decrease this (as well as Special costs) by 1 to 2 depending on their passive's levels, and Black Adam decreases it by 3 while his power cost reduction buff from his Lightning Cage ability is active. While Doctor Fate and Power Girl's passives do not stack, they can each stack with Black Adam's buff; while under both effects, a Supermove only costs 5 power bars, and King of Atlantis Aquaman's Supermove would merely cost 3.

Supermoves have limitless range, cannot be blocked, and cannot crit. Additionally, each fighter can only use supermoves only once per match. Immediately on triggering of the supermove the hero gains a 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%/35% (depends on Star rating; this is automatic and does not need to be upgraded manually unlike other specials) damage bonus which affects supermove damage itself and remains active on all subsequent basic and special move attacks for the rest of the match or until the hero is KOed by the opponent. Supermoves also destroy all current projectiles and transport the combatants to the center of the battlefield.


  • AI opponents are known to occasionally use supermoves with 9 bars, even without any power cost reduction effects.
  • Doctor Fate's passive reduces power cost of any ability, including supermoves. Previously, in the case of supermoves, all power is drained regardless, i.e. you could use it at 9 or 10 power bars, but you will be left with 0 power anyway. This has since been fixed (this was before the release of Power Girl and Black Adam).
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