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Superman is a Silver, one-star base, Might class Hero. The toughest silver combatant, Superman can be a tremendous obstacle to overcome.


While he cannot regenerate health, Superman is still quite tanky being able to ignore basic attacks up to half the time and increase team defence by up to 10%. An ignored basic attack does not flinch him; this means he can recover and retaliate with his own basics or specials even if you attempt to perform basic combos on him. This also makes it difficult to rack up the hit counter against him, not to mention his Super Block being able to tank most specials.

His Air Heat Vision is fairly slow and the AI can often jump over it and take no damage. When fighting against him, reflect damage may actually be the most reliable way to damage him, especially since both of his offensive specials have short duration and therefore cost relatively little power to use Special Block against. Reflect damage also ignores his defence. Even if you don't have such a hero on your team, Sub-Zero can create an ice clone of Superman and use his own Super Block against him.


  • Story wise, he is Regime Superman from the first Injustice Mobile game's Injustice universe with a new outfit, who is also playable as Injustice 2 Superman; his Prime universe good counterpart does not appear in Injustice 2, console or mobile.
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