Current Chest Display.
SSTC Original.jpg
Original Chest Display.

The Suicide Squad Team Chest is a Premium Chest available for 500 Power Gems. It has the highest probability of awarding Hero Shards from Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Enchantress. Before Enchantress was added to the game this chest only offered Harley, Deadshot and a large pool of Gold Hero shards.


"Guaranteed 20 Gold Hero shards or greater from a large pool. Increased chances of getting Gold Suicide Squad Deadshot shards! Bonus: chance of getting 200 Legendary Suicide Squad Harley Quinn shards!"

Cost of Chests

Cost fo Chests
Number of Chests Cost of Chests
1 500 Power Gems
10 5,000 Power Gems

Reward Probability

Reward Probability
Probability Resource
3% 200 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Hero Shards
5% 80 Suicide Squad Deadshot Hero Shards
(??)% ( ?? ) Suicide Squad Enchantress Hero Shards
(??)% Gold Hero Shards
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