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Suicide Squad Enchantress is a Legendary, 3-Star base, Arcane class hero. She was made available with Update 3.6 on April 1, 2020. Her shards are exclusively available via chests, though she and her gear can be purchased outright from the Store.


Enchantress strengthens herself when her health drops too low. She also grants herself and Suicide Squad teammates ability to steal Power with Rangers attacks and heal by resisting Critical attacks.

Passive Abilities[]

Mortal Host[]

  • Enchantress helps her mortal host when her health drops too low. When under this buff, Enchantress deals increased damage and auto-crit on Special Attacks, ignoring Critical resistance. When triggered at 25% of Max Health for the first time, Enchantress additionally gets extra Power.
    • ( X per Level ) seconds Mortal Host duration
    • ( X per Level ) damage under Mortal Host buff at ( X per Level )% of Max Health.
    • ( X per Level ) damage under Mortal Host buff at 25% of Max Health.
    • +( X per Level ) Power Bars when triggering Mortal Host at 25% of max health for the first time.
    • Successful Specials auto-Crit when under Mortal Host

Outwordly Nature[]

  • Each time Enchantress or her Suicide Squad teammates resist a Critical Attack, they get healed over 10 seconds for a percentage of their max health. This effect does not stack.
    • +( X per Level )% max health healed over time when resisting Critical Attacks.

Unlimited Power[]

  • Successful Ranged attacks performed by Enchantress or Suicide Squad teammates steal part of opponent's current Power.
    • Steal ( X per Level )% of opponent's current Power.

Special Abilities & Supermove[]


  • Enchantress summons a demon that damages her opponent and temporarily disables their block.
    • ( Attack * 1.5 + X per Level ) Damage
    • ( X per Level )% chance to disable the opponent's block for ( X per Level ) seconds after performing Xibalba.

Entropic Will[]

  • Enchantress casts an armor-piercing spell striking her opponent.
    • ( Attack * 2 + X per Level ) Damager
    • Armor-Pierce

Immortal Visage[]

  • Enchantress uses magical powers to smash her opponent and heal herself. She also temporarily summons a large Immortal barrier that moves opponent hazards in the area and protects heroes standing in it from being KO'd. May be ineffective in Raid Boss battles.
    • ( Attack * 4 + X per Level ) Damage
    • Heal for ( X per Level )% of Special 3 damage dealt
    • ( X per Level ) seconds of immortal barrier

Out of Body Experience[]

  • Enchantress takes her opponent's soul and controls the soul by making it hit the opponent.
    • ( Attack * 8 + X per Level ) Damage
    • +( X per Level )% Damage for the duration of the battle.


  1. Enchantress is also a playable character on Injustice 2 console versions.
  2. She was initially not added with Suicide Squad Deadshot & Harley Quinn but became available at the same time Suicide Squad Harley Quinn was refactored from Gold to Legendary.
  3. Enchantress is voiced by Brandy Kopp.