Injustice 2 Mobile Wiki

The Store is where you can buy items with Power Gems, Credits, or real money.

There are four sections to the store.


Likely the section most relevant to most players. It always includes a rotating selection of chests; Hero Chest and Basic Chest are always available. Other than the Basic Chest (4000 credits), all chests must be bought with Power Gems.

Special offers[]

The special offers section allows players to choose exclusive deals for a certain amount of real money. These include gem packs, gear material and gear pieces packs and hero bundle packs.


Hero shardss[]

There are only two items in this section

  • 5 gold hero shards for 75 Power Gems
  • 5 silver hero shards for 50 Power Gems

The heroes are different every day, but you can see who they are at any time.