Multiverse Supergirl promotion

Multiverse Supergirl, a 3-star base hero, with enough shards to upgrade to 4 stars.

Star rating is one of the measures of a hero's power. A hero can be from 1 star to 6 star, moving up in star rating when promoted with hero shards. Promoting from 5 to 6 star additionally require an orb, one of which is usually obtained upon completing a raid.

Special 3 is unlocked at 3 stars. The level of Passives is capped at the star rating (up to 5). Supermoves are automatically upgraded as a hero move up in star rating (+5%/10%/15%/20%/25%/35% damage for the rest of the match).

For how stats increase and are calculated for both Star rating and Hero Level, see that page.

Unlocking and promoting costsEdit


They are unlocked at 1 or 2 stars. This is a trait inherent to a hero - for example, Green Lantern must be unlocked with 10 shards at 1 star, then promoted with 20 additional shards to 2 star, etc. while Black Canary cannot be unlocked at 1 star and can only be unlocked with 30 shards at 2 stars. This applies to gold and legendary heroes as well.

Star rating Required shards Cumulative total
1 10 10
2 20 30
3 80 110
4 160 270
5 300 570
6 230 800
Dark Supergirl unlock

Dark Supergirl ready to be unlocked at 3 stars.


They are unlocked at 2, 3, or 4 (Armored Superman only) stars.

Star rating Required shards Cumulative total
2 60 60
3 100 160
4 200 360
5 440 800
6 300 1100


Currently only Arkham Knight Batman, unlocked at 4 stars.

Star rating Required shards Cumulative total
4 450 450
5 550 1000
6 400 1400

Upgrade offersEdit

Hero upgrade offer 1

3 to 4 star offer.

Hero upgrade offer 2

4 to 5 star offer.

It is possible to receive upgrade offers for certain heroes at certain points (unlocking, or reaching a level a multiple of 10). It allows you to directly buy the number of shards required to increase their rating by one star (sometimes along with XP Capsules of the hero's class) with Power Gems. The offer will last an hour.

Offers are time sensitive with two different cooldown periods between offers, depending on the trigger condition. If the trigger condition was a hero unlock, a subsequent unlock promotion offer cannot be triggered for at least 168 hours. If the trigger condition was leveling up the hero past a multiple of 10, a subsequent level up promotion offer cannot be triggered through a hero unlock for at least 120 hours. You can get one offer from each trigger condition back-to-back.

The hero's image used in the offer pop-up seems to be the portrait they have when they are equipped with all 5 pieces of gear even if you haven't collected them all yet.

Interestingly, from the example on the right, despite the second offer stating "saving 66%" instead of 65%, it costs 3 times as much but only offers 2.2 times as many hero shards (without accounting for the XP Capsules). Disregarding the capsules, and prior to the discount, the first offer claims a value of 12.75 Power Gems per gold hero shard, and the second claims a value of 18 gems per shard.