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Speedforce The Flash is a gold, 3-star base Metahuman class Hero. A hard to hit and elusive combatant, he can also deliver rapid-fire hits in kind. He is considerably the worst Flash in the game


While dashing, Speedforce The Flash is unhittable, preventing him from taking damage from basic or special attacks. This effects only lingers for a moment, so it can only negate a small part of most specials. There are a few exceptions, such as Flora Poison Ivy's deadly Vine Drill, which only deals a single hit at any distance and the direct damage can be avoided by dashing at the right time. However, her passive will still disable and deal damage over time even if Vine Drill is dodged.


Flash is very fast. He is very good for different combos, if you want a combo builder. His ability to become invincible while dashing also means he can prevent ranged attacks from breaking your combo.

Play Style

Use Special 1 the most to stun enemies and dodging Specials


  • Surprisingly in his gear piece, his symbol is in opposite direction much like The Reverse Flash's
  • He is the only Flash hero to have his eyes COVERerd
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