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Soulstealer Doctor Fate is a gold, 3-star base, Arcane class Hero. His unusual passive makes his supermove a complete game changer that allows him to win otherwise hopeless battles. His shards can be obtained in Challenges, as well as the new Wizard Chest alongside Black Adam and Shazam.


"Doctor Fate is able to swap health with his opponent upon performing his Supermove. He also allows his teammates to heal from his Break of Life Special Ability."


His passive activates before the Supermove's damage is dealt. He swaps percentage health with his opponent, so he would have his opponent's health percentage, and vise versa, before the Supermove deals 500% of his damage stat as damage. His passive can damage himself and heal his opponent if he has more percentage health.

Energized Starfire's passive heal on enemy abilities triggers before his health swap, allowing him to steal her increased health. His passive is also very useful against tankers like Armored Superman or Legendary characters with a lot of health, like Arkham Knight Batman and Justice League Superman

Break of Life used to heal several times as much as it does now, which made its healing almost negligible currently and not recommended.

Previously his passive also worked during challenge battles, but it has since been changed. It appears that it only activates when he is at a higher percentage health - so he can only damage himself and heal his opponent with it, making it counterproductive. It also does not work in raids.

In normal situations however, it appears that his supermove always swaps health instead of just having a percentage chance as stated in the passive description.


Ability Name Power cost LVL 1 damage (% of damage stat) Description
Passive Reversal of Fate N/A N/A Upon activating Amulet of Anubis Supermove, Doctor Fate has a chance to swap health with his opponent. May be ineffective in Challenge battles.

After performing a Supermove, Doctor Fate has 80%/85%/90%/95%/100% chance to swap health with his opponent

Special 1 Blood Price 3 100% Fate pops up his victim into a sustained energy shock that may hit opponents at a distance.
Special 2 Break of Life 5 150% Hazard: Fate places an ankh in the world that may heal nearby team members over time.
Special 3 Time Immemorial 7 300% Doctor Fate drops down from above.
Supermove Amulet of Anubis 10 500% Doctor Fate transports his victim into a group beatdown.

Obtaining Gear[]

SoulstealerDoctorFate Gear.png

Gear is obtained through his challenges.

Gear Set Bonus[]

A Gear bonus is when the character has a number of gears equipped out of five total gears that the character can have on at once. The character gains a bonus for having it equipped.

Amount Of Gear Rewards
2/5 +10% Power Generation
3/5 +5% Attack
5/5 +10% Health

Basic Attacks[]

Play Style[]

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  • Soulstealer Doctor Fate's passive is similar to Raven's passive in Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile, both swapping health with their opponents. The difference is while Soulstealer Doctor Fate can do it once while activating his Supermove, Raven does it twice when she falls below 20% health.