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Silver Banshee is a gold, 2-star base Arcane class hero, able to curse her opponents to take more damage, disable specials, or even force them to flee.

Her shards are available through Challenges.


Terrifying Wail can only force her opponent to tag out if they are not blocking. If Terrifying Wail brings an opponent with a resurrection effect active (e.g. King of Atlantis Aquaman's passive) to zero health, they will resurrect without being tagged out.

If her opponent's abilities have the same level, her special disable is applied at random. She can disable enemy supermove (which is treated as level 1, i.e. if any of the other specials are leveled up they are always disabled firsts). She can disable abilities even when blocked, or special blocked; special block itself can be disabled, but it does not make her target stop special blocking. In fact, her opponent can choose to keep on using special block until their power runs out, or turn it off; they simply can't turn it on again while it is disabled.

Sonic Boom is capable of massive armor-piercing damage against opponents with disabled specials and she is one of the most powerful damage dealers in Raids (except against Boss Gorilla Grodd, who can't have his specials disabled).


Countered by[]

  • Shazam: His Retribution of Zeus passive allows him a chance to use his Roaring Strike ability for free upon blocking an enemy ability. He can do this even when Roaring Strike is disabled (the disabled lock icon briefly move to the 0 bar of power point, indicating that it is free to cast, but does not stop him from using it).



  • The unique ability on her Terrifying Wail resembles Antimatter Sinestro's (from the first Injustice Mobile game) passive effect on his special 1, although in his case his opponent is forced to tag out even if they were blocking.
  • For her first challenge, up to double the normal shards can be earned for each victory.
  • Her moveset and voice comes from Black Canary.