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Not to be confused with Psi Shield or Shield Block, both abilities that are a form of enhanced block, or armor/defence buffs, such as Emerald Green Lantern's Will Power or Multiverse Armored Supergirl's Suit Up.

A Shield is a temporary barrier possessed by a character created by use of passives or abilities. A Shielded hero normally takes no damage until the shield breaks after a predetermined amount of damage absorbed depending on what created the shield.

Heroes are immune to flinching while shielded (taking hits will not stagger them as long as the shield holds), although a rush attack can still push them back. Unbreakable Cyborg and Primal Swamp Thing's revive does not stagger them either.

Normally, DoT would drain the shield just like it would ordinary health. However, Flora Poison Ivy's special 2 and 3, due to her passive Poison Vines, seem to deal its poison damage after the special to both the shield and health simultaneously. Supergirl (character) variants' Walking Laser ability ignores shield entirely and deals damage directly to health, and can KO opponents without depleting their shield. Dark Supergirl's Kryptonian Slam also deals damage to health instead of shields. Abilities that bypass shield would also stagger the shielded hero.

Most status effects will affect shielded heroes. Freeze will affect them only if the freezing attack deals enough damage to fully deplete the shield. If the shield holds after the freeze, the statue effect will be negated.

Reflect damage (e.g. Atrocitus's passive) can still be dealt by a hero who didn't take the damage in the first place due to a shield.

The following heroes have Shield abilities: