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Robin is a 1-star base Silver Agility Class Hero. 

He can be directly drawn from the Hero Chest or redeemed with 10 of his shards if not directly obtained. His shards can be obtained as a drop from either the Hero Chest or Premium Hero Chest (when obtaining "duplicates"), as a rare drop from the Basic Chest in small quantities, or as a reward in Heroic Campaign chapter 4 battle 24. His details page incorrectly lists his shards can be obtained from chapter 7 - that particular battle has since been replaced by Grid but Robin's page has not be updated.

Each of his gear pieces can be obtained in Operations.

His obtain, promotion, and stat info are as follows:

1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
Shards 20 80
Lv 1 Base Health/Damage 346 / 74
Lv 60 Base Health/Damage




gimme his gear[]

One of the only characters, to have a form in gear like on the console counterpart.