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Resource missions is a game mode that is unlocked when the player reaches level 4.

Resource missions change sets every day, rotating once a week. For XP Capsule missions, the opponents are always all of the class that beats the capsules' class. For example, all opponents on Monday missions are Tech heroes. The exception is the Arcane class; it does not beat any class nor is it beaten by any class, and Arcane heroes themselves are recommended.

Day of week Mission type Recommended class
Monday Might XP Capsules Meta
Tuesday Agility XP Capsules Tech
Wednesday Tech XP Capsules Agility
Thursday Meta XP Capsules Might
Friday Arcane XP Capsules Arcane
Saturday Random XP Capsules None
Sunday Credits None

There are 8 tiers of mission difficulties, I to VIII. The previous difficulty of a particular day must be beaten to unlock the higher difficulty, which is kept for subsequent rotations. You can receive rewards from resource missions 3 times a day. They cost 6 Stamina per match.

Resource missions do not award account experience. Sim Chips can always be used on beaten resource missions, even if you didn't win without suffering a KO.


  • Previously, higher level resource missions can cost up to 18 stamina per match, but was later changed to cost 6 for any mission.
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