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Red Hood is a Gold, 3-star base, Tech class hero. His shards can be obtained as a reward from raids or purchased with League Credits (200 credits for 5 shards or 1 piece of his gear). 7200 League Shards In total for full gear and 3 star hero


Red Hood supports his team by using his Gotham's Outlaw Supermove to add time to a battle's timer and increases his team's resistance.


Time Extension (Passive)

  • Back from the dead via the Lazarus Pit, Red Hood can add time back to a battle's timer and boosts his team's resistances by performing his Gotham's Outlaw Supermove.
    • 20/25/30/35 seconds added to battle's timer.
    • 20/30/40/50 boost to team's resistance.

Under the Hood (Special 1)

  • Red Hood fires a series of low shots at his opponent.
    • ( Attack * 1 + X per Level ) Damage.

Explosive Mine (Special 2)

  • Hazard Damage: Red Hood tosses out an explosive mine.
    • ( ? ) Damage
    • ( Attack * 1 + X per Level ) Hazard Damage

Knife Flurry (Special 3)

  • Red Hood demonstrates his knife skills.
    • ( Attack * 3 + X per Level ) Damage

Gotham's Outlaw (Supermove)

  • Red Hood unloads his arsenal onto his opponent.
    • ( Attack * 3 + X per Level ) Damage
    • +( ? )% Damage for the duration of the battle.


  • Red Hood is Jason Todd, the Robin who died at the hands of The Joker. He resurrected from the dead thanks to one of Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus Pits, and was also revealed as the Arkham Knight in Batman: Arkham Knight. Although Red Hood is playable on both console and mobile versions of Injustice 2, his alias, The Arkham Knight, is playable only on the first Injustice Mobile game.
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