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Raven is a 3-Star base, Legendary, Arcane class hero. She was added in update 4.3, along with the new Solo Raid event Advent of Chaos, in which she is the final boss.

Raven is an extremely powerful character for Raids, Solo Raids, and Arena, as she allows her whole team to inflict huge amounts of damage through her strong Darkness debuffs against an opponent, as well as being able to regenerate health, and boost any active power generation buffs.

Passive abilities[]

Darkness Fall (Passive 1)[]

  • 15 seconds of Darkness on successful Special
  • Darkness: All incoming attacks targeting this hero deal 70% more damage. Stacks up to 5 times
  • +20% Attack per Darkness stack upon Deadly Sin activation

Successful Specials used by Raven remove active buffs from an opponent, and inflict Darkness, increasing all incoming damage. Upon activating Supermove, Raven increases her attack for each stack of Darkness on the active opponent for the duration of the battle.

Demonic Rage (Passive 2)[]

  • Demonic Rage triggers at 20% of max Health
  • 50% of Attack stat inflicted as damage
  • 15% max health healed

Raven unleashes her demonic nature when her health drops too low. She absorbs all the Darkness back from the active opponent, dealing damage to them and healing herself for each consumed stack.

Dark Energy (Passive 3)[]

  • Enhances team Power Generation Buffs by 50%

Using dark magic, Raven enhances her team’s Power Generation Buffs.