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After all 4 sub-bosses are defeated, Brainiac can be attacked.

Raids are special battles than can only be undertaken by Leagues. Raids do not consume Stamina, but each player can only fight 3 times per day in one league. If you quit your league and join another one, it refreshes.

Currently, the "Brainiac: Collector of Worlds" Raid requires the players in a league to defeat 5 bosses. Boss Gorilla Grodd, Boss Doctor Fate, Boss Scarecrow, Boss Captain Cold, and finally Boss Brainiac. Boss Brainiac can not be attacked until the 4 sub-bosses have been defeated. Once the attack has begun, the league must defeat Boss Brainiac in four phases to complete the raid.

Raids on funded by the League through credit donations by members. Once started by an officer, the raid will last 3 days.

The Fights[]

Each boss has a vast amount of health, multiple modifiers, and is immensely difficult to defeat in one go by a single player. Instead, damage dealt to bosses will accumulate; every player can fight in the raid 3 times per day, done by up to 30 members (max number of players in a league). Each boss also has a "weakness" to three certain heroes; if they are on your team, you gain different team-wide bonuses against that boss (this does not change between raids or difficulty changes). For raids I-IV, each hero you own can be used once per day (max 3 times per raid). For raids V-VIII, each hero you own can only be used once per raid.

Raid Master[]

King of Atlantis Aquaman has powerful effects useful for raids. His Passive 1, Building Tsunami, gives him stacking damage buffs on all his specials, which is only active in raids. His special 3, Wrath of King Atlan, allows him to reduce enemy current health by 10% up to 3 times in a match, making it extremely effective against raid bosses with huge amounts of health. The latter especially is very helpful to newer players, as this allows them to contribute significantly simply by having him without needing to have high stats.

When multiple players in a raid attack the same boss, the damage calculation considers Wrath of King Atlan's damage by taking into account the health the boss was at when they entered the match - other player's damage is not registered until after they finish. This means attacking at the same time is more effective. 3 uses of that special by a single player at full health would take off at least 27.1% of the boss's health - up to a staggering nearly 1.6 million in Raid VI. In other words, just 4 players doing nothing else other than using it 3 times each (without being dodged or blocked) would already be able to KO any boss (or one phase in the case of Brainiac).

At one point prior to his release, he was said to be the first Raid Master hero, hinting that there could be more heroes with bonuses in raids in the future.

There are other great heroes for raids. One includes Heartbreaker Harley Quinn, when paired up with Raven and Entangling Poison Ivy, she can deal millions of damage with basic attacks (if maxed out and have a damage dealing build)

Heroes and teams[]

The following heroes and teams are considered to be exceptionally strong in Raid battles.

King of Atlantas Aquaman: Aquaman features a powerful special 3 that will remove a percentage of his opponent’s health three times per match. This, combined with the damage bonus he receives from using his abilities makes him a especially good character to use in raids.

Arkham Knight Batman: Batman’s smoke bomb has a 50% chance to stun raid bosses, even those that have stun resistance. This allows for Heartbreaker Harley Quinn to utilize her powerful damage bonus against stunned opponents.

Heartbreaker Harley Quinn: When paired with Arkham Knight Batman, Harley can deal immense amounts of damage to raid bosses after they are stunned.

Raven: Widely considered to be one of the most powerful legendary cards in the game, Raven’s darkness stacks allow for unimaginable amounts of damage to be dealt to bosses. When she was first released, it was possible to break the damage cap with her, with some attempts dealing over a billion damage.

Last Laugh Joker: Joker grows more powerful with every defeated opponent, which includes minions. This allows him to progressively grow stronger, as well as deal high amounts of damage. Additionally, his special 2 can be easily chained to his basic/swipe combos, allowing for an attack chain.

Red Hood: Though not the most powerful or popular hero for raids, Red Hood does posses a very unique ability in that he can extend the duration of a battle’s timer using his supermove. This means that while he cannot deal lots of damage on his own, he can give your damage dealers more time in the battle.


For a gallery of possible completion rewards, see here.

When a league defeats each raid boss, rewards are granted to every member; additionally, upon completing a raid there is a rank reward that depends on how well the player ranks against other league members in terms of damage dealt to the bosses. This will always include League Credits; other possible rewards include hero shards (including League exclusives), Orbs, level 30, 40, or 50 gear (there are 3 gear drops which are random within the posted possible levels in the chart below).

Difficulty Credits required Sub-boss health Sub-boss reward (each) Boss Brainiac health (each phase) Boss Brainiac reward
I 50,000 111,400 300 Gear Material
2,000 credits
1 tier 3 Xp Capsule of the boss's class
111,400 500 Gear Material

2,500 credits

1 tier 4 Tech Xp Capsule

II 215,000 514,000 500 Gear Material
3,000 credits
1 tier 3 Xp Capsule of the boss's class
514,000 700 Gear Material
3000 credits
2 tier 4 Tech Xp Capsules
III 320,000 1,177,600 1,000 Gear Material
4,000 credits
1 tier 4 Xp Capsule of the boss's class
1,177,600 1,200 Gear Material
4,500 credits
1 tier 5 Tech Xp Capsule
IV 690,000 2,160,000 2,000 Gear Material
5,000 credits
1 tier 4 Xp Capsule of the boss's class
2,160,000 2,500 Gear Material
6,000 credits
2 tier 5 Tech Xp Capsules
V 900,000 3,290,000

3,000 Gear Material
10,000 credits
1 tier 5 Xp Capsule of the boss's class

3,290,000 3,500 Gear Material
12,000 credits
1 tier 6 Tech Xp Capsules

Gear Drops: 60, 50, or 40

VI 1,200,000 5,845,000 4,000 Gear Material
15,000 credits
1 tier 6 Xp Capsule of the boss's class
5,845,000 5,000 Gear Material
20,000 credits
2 tier 6 Tech Xp Capsules

Gear Drops: 60, 55, or 50

VII 1,700,000 58,898,600 58,898,600
VIII 2,500,000 112,500,000 112,500,000

Possible rewards from completing a raid.

Once completed, the raid can be repeated (funding again is required) at a lower, same, or higher difficulty level, as denoted by I - VI.


  • Despite Boss Scarecrow having Horrific Scarecrow's appearance, pausing will show Scarecrow's passives, though they are not active during the boss fight against him.
  • Agility Class is the only class without a sub-boss in the Raids.
  • You will always receive bottom tier rewards during a Raid, even if you do not participate.
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