Raiden is a 2-star base gold Arcane class hero.


His shards could be obtained in his challenges.

Also, similar to some Challenge characters and Arena Reward Characters in the game, Raiden can be bought in actual money with a full set of Level 5 Gear and 3 Stars, or a full set of Level 20 Gear and 4 Stars, in Special Offers sometimes.

Abilities Edit

Chain Lightning (passive) Edit

  • Elder Shock Special damage jumps to tagged out opponents: 53/?/?/?/? damage on the 1st strike, 107/?/?/?/? damage on the 2nd strike
  • 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.1/1.2 starting Power Bars per Arcane teammates

Flying Thunder God (Special 1) Edit

Consumes 3 bars of Power.

  • [100% Attack Stat] Damage

Divine Blast (Special 2) Edit

Consumes 5 bars of Power. (Additional Effect: Power Drain)

  • [150% Attack Stat] Damage

Elder Shock (Special 3) Edit

Consumes 7 bars of Power (Additional Effect: Area Effect Damage because of his Passive on this Special)

  • [300% Attack Stat] Damage

God of Thunder (Supermove) Edit

Consumes 10 bars of Power

  • [800% Attack Stat] Damage
  • 10%/15%/20%/25%/35% Damage for the duration of the battle

Obtaining Gear Edit

Gear is obtained through his Challenges, Raids, or Special Offers.

Gear Set Bonus Edit

2/5: +10% Power Generation

3/5: +5% Attack

5/5: +10% Health


  • Unlike in the first game where Scorpion lacks a "prime" version and starts with a card entitled "Mortal Kombat", both Sub-Zero and Raiden goes without the title in Injustice 2 Mobile.
  • Raiden can be used pretty often in Raid Battles, specifically against Phases I and IV of Brainiac. Raiden can be used in Phase I to easily deal area effect damage on Special 3 against Brainiac and his minions, and Raiden can be used on Phase IV because of the fact that he can power drain on Special 2, further hampering Brainiac's chances to annihilate Raiden and his team with his Supermove.
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