Primal Swamp Thing 60 Gear
Gold Cards10

Primal Swamp Thing is a 3-star base Gold-rarity Metahuman class Hero. He is considered one of the least useful heroes.



The abilities for Primal Swamp Thing are :

  1. Force of nature (Passive)
  • When Swamp Thing is K.O'd, a clone emerges from the ground with X health. Max once per battle.

When knocked out, a clone emerges from the ground in which Swamp Thing may continue to fight.

  1. Marsh March
  • X Damage

Swamp Thing foot stomps before sending out a log that may knock down opponents at distance.

  1. Bio - Fission
  • X Damage

A quick clone assist brings the opponent closer in for an earthy treat.

  1. Earth to earth
  • X Damage

Swamp Thing and a clone combine their efforts to knock down the opponent.

  1. Green kingdom (Supermove)
  • X Damage
  • +X% Damage for the duration of the battle

An underground beatdown.

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  • He is the "final boss" of Campaign mode.