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Primal Swamp Thing is a base 3-Star Gold character and one of the worst characters in the game. His Passive allows him to resurrect himself, even with the likes of Grid unlike Unbreakable Cyborg, but neither character adds anything for teammates. Primal Swamp Thing is mainly obtained by grinding the Final Chapter in Campaign, Chapter 8.


Force of Nature (Passive)[]

  • When knocked out, a cloned body emerges from the ground in which Swamp Thing may continue to fight. Max once per battle.
    • 7,404 Health generated on revival.

Marsh March (Special 1)[]

  • Swamp Thing foot stomps before sending out a log that may knock down opponents at distance.

Bio-Fission (Special 2)[]

  • A quick clone assist brings the opponent closer in for an earthy treat.

Earth to Earth (Special 3)[]

  • Swamp Thing and a clone combine their efforts to knock down the opponent.

Green Kingdom (Supermove)[]

  • An Underground Beatdown.
    • 15,240 Damage
    • +35% Damage for the duration of the battle.


  • Primal Swamp Thing is such a bad character that some people would joke that he's an amazing Legendary character, alongside Firestorm and Cheetah.
  • Primal Swamp Thing's resurrection is the only Passive resurrection that cannot be bypassed by any effect, character or Artifact. Unbreakable Cyborg's resurrection can be bypassed when he fights Grid and King of Atlantis Aquaman's Resurrection can be bypassed if he doesn't have a bar of power to resurrect himself with.