Injustice 2 Mobile Wiki

Primal Swamp Thing is the best character in injustice 2 mobile dealing 1 Billion damage per hit and surviving 1 Million damage supermoves


Force of Nature[]

  • When knocked out, a cloned body emerges from the ground in which Swamp Thing may continue to fight. Max once per battle.
    • 1 Trillion Health generated on revival.

Marsh March[]

  • Swamp Thing foot stomps before sending out a long that may knock down opponents at distance.
    • 30 billion Damage


  • A quick clone assist brings the opponent closer in for an earthy treat.
    • 60 Billion Damage

Earth to Earth[]

  • Swamp Thing and a clone combine their efforts to knock down the opponent.
    • 3 Trillion Damage

Green Kingdom[]

  • An Underground Beatdown
    • 20 Trillion Damage
    • +100000% Damage for the duration of the battle.


  • He is the "Best Character" in the entire Game