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Predator Batman is a gold, 3-star base, Tech class Hero. He is very strong for Arena, and is often used for Raids and Solo Raids with Silver Banshee, or, for players without Arkham Knight Batman, in Solo Raids with Heartbreaker Harley Quinn and Entangling Poison Ivy for bosses with low stun resistance. His shards and gear pieces are available in the Arena Store.


"Upgraded with cutting edge Wayne Technology. Predator Batman calls in the Batwing to strafe all opponents lowering their health. Batman's gadgets can also stun opponents, leaving them defenseless and unable to attack."

Passive Ability: Batwing Airstrike[]

  • 10%/11.25%/12.5%/13.75%/15% Health Reduction

On tag-in, the Batwing strafes all opponents with a barrage of cannon fire. May be ineffective in Raid Boss battles.

Special Abilities[]

Kryptonite Strikes (Special 1)[]

  • (3 + 0.05 per level) second disable of opponent’s Special Abilities
  • (Attack*1 + X per level) Damage
  • Armor-piercing

Kryptonian tech provides Wayne with an awesome punch that temporarily disables his opponent’s Abilities.

Stun Bomb (Special 2)[]

  • (2 + 0.05 per level) second stun
  • (X per level) Hazard Damage
  • (Attack*2 + X per level) Damage

Hazard Damage: Batman deploys a smoke bomb on the ground. Opponents caught in its blast are briefly stunned and suffer hazard damage.

Grapple Hook (Special 3)[]

  • (Attack*3 + X per level) Damage

Batman fires his grapple hook to pull himself towards his opponent, delivering a powerful kick.


Gearing up is a way to boost a character's Stats. For Predator Batman, his gear can be found in the arena store, or through Raid drops.

When bought at the Arena Store, each gear cost 20 medals.

Predator Batman has the following Gear Set Bonuses:

  • 2/5: +10% Critical Attack Chance
  • 3/5: +5% Health
  • 5/5: +10% Attack


Predator Batman is an extremely versatile character who can be used in a variety of game modes.

In Arena, Batman is very powerful. His passive is fantastic at reducing the health of an opponent quickly, whilst also allowing power to be built up by tagging in and out, and his Special 1, Kryptonite Strikes, is armour piercing and very strong against a variety of opponents, whilst his Special 2, Stun Bomb, is also very good against opponents.

In Raids, Batman is extremely useful when paired with Silver Banshee. Her Special 3 deals much more damage, and becomes Armour Piercing, per disabled special on the opponent. Thus, disabling all of an opponent’s specials via Kryptonite Strikes makes this Special do enormous amounts of damage, especially for players who have a low star rating Silver Banshee, who may have difficulty disabling the opponent’s Specials on her own. This is also very viable on a wide variety of Solo Raid bosses. This team is usually supported by a power cost reducing character, such as Power Girl or Doctor Fate. However, it should be noted that some bosses in both modes, such as Gorilla Grodd in League Raids, cannot have their abilities disabled, which severely limits this team on these occasions.

In Solo Raids, Batman can also be paired with Heartbreaker Harley Quinn, and Entangling Poison Ivy. In this team, Batman’s Special 2, Stun Bomb, is his main contribution. This will stun the opponent, which allows Heartbreaker Harley Quinn to be tagged in and deal huge amounts of damage, thanks to her passive Straight to the Heart, which increases her damage to stunned opponents, and Entangling Poison Ivy’s passive Toxins, which allows Harley to deal DoT damage on these basic attacks. However, this team is ineffective against opponents who are immune to stun, including League Raid bosses. Thus, since Arkham Knight Batman’s Special 2 has a 50% chance to affect Raid Bosses despite immunity to stun, and has extra boosts for other team members, he tends to be the better choice in this team for players who have him; given his rarity, though, Predator Batman is a good second option.