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Not to be confused with Powered Supergirl.

Power Girl is a 3-star base Power character, and often considered a gold and stronger version of Doctor Fate, having a similarly impactful power cost reduction effect that brings quick and decisive conclusion to battles.

Her shards and gear may be purchased with League Credits earned in Raids. She is the cheapest League Credits character, tied with John Stewart Green Lantern, although he is considered more specialist while Power Girl can greatly strengthen most teams. Her shards may also be dropped randomly as a raid completion reward.


She is one of the strongest support heroes in the game. While gold, Doctor Fate's passive also reduces enemy defence, which can make him more useful in some situations. Her passive does not stack with Doctor Fate's, but it does stack with Black Adam's Light Cage buff while it is active, reducing power costs by 5.

Fighting against her is generally quite difficult, especially without any way to counter DoT (as she can use Walking Laser with 1 bars of power due to her passive), and she is generally avoided as much as possible. When faced with no other choice, overwhelming damage can KO her quickly with some luck, as she has no defensive options.

Countered by[]

  • Horrific Scarecrow and Multiverse Black Lightning: They both increase enemy power cost (+2 for the former, +1 every time used against Multiverse teammates for latter), which makes her passive much more manageable.
  • Hellboy: Hellboy will regenerate from the Walking Laser attack. In fact it is best that you not block to maximize the amount of health recovered.


  • At one point, if Power Girl pushes her opponent to the far side of the stage, she could combo her basic attacks and Super Whirl to continuously hit them without any chance of retaliation. This has since been removed.
  • Power Girl's real name is Karen Starr.
  • Power Girl is Supergirl's Earth-2 counterpart. However, she is more mature than Kara, as demonstrated by her costume.

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