Power Gems is an advanced currency. It is used primarily to buy any chests, other than the Basic Chest. Most chests cost 250-350 gems. It is also used to directly increase the star rating of heroes via special offers.


  • 30 gems daily via objectives, just for logging in.
  • Leagues check in offers 5-30 daily gems depending on the number of members checking in.
  • Operations occasionally give 10, 20, or 30 (rarely) gems, with longer operations having a higher chance.
  • There are 2 Arena seasons in a week, with each giving 70-1000 gems depending on your placement at the end of the season, but higher tiers can be extremely difficult and time consuming (only top 200 players can obtain 600 gems or more, most average players may see 100 gems or so).
  • Champions Arena gives a [[1]] gems per week, depending on your division. Only available to players with Account Level 30 or above. Similarly, high divisions may be extremely difficult, but you always get the minimum 250 gems per week.
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