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Power is gained during a match and spent to perform any abilities. Unlike the first game, power is shared across all members on the team, and is not generated by fighting but is simply gained gradually over time, up to 10 bars. The inherent speed of power generation gradually increases over the course of a match.

Most abilities require and consume 3 to 7 bars. Supermoves take all 10 bars of power.

Doctor Fate and Power Girl can decrease power costs by 1 to 2 depending on their passive's levels, and Black Adam decreases it by 3 while his power cost reduction buff from his Lightning Cage ability is active. While Doctor Fate and Power Girl's passives do not stack, they can each stack with Black Adam's buff, reducing power costs up to 5. The minimum power cost is 1.

Horrific Scarecrow can increase enemy power costs by 1 to 2 depending on his passive's level, and Black Adam increases it by 3 while his power cost increase debuff from his Storm Cloud ability is active on his opponent. These two effects stack. Multiverse Black Lightning increases enemy power costs of a specific ability every time they use it.

Power generation is paused while performing an ability, but not while taking it. Enhanced block drains power gradually when used.

Tagging generates 1 bar of power.