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Platinum Chest.jpg

"Contains 1 random Silver or Gold hero guaranteed 2-star or greater. Bonus; chance of getting a rare Legendary Darkseid or Arkham Knight Batman"

Cost of Chests[]

Cost of Chests
Number of Chests Cost of Chests
1 500 Power Gems
10 5,000 Power Gems

Reward Probability[]

Reward Probability
Probability Resource
1% Black Manta Hero
0.5% Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd Hero
0.5% Brainiac Hero
0.5% Darkseid Hero
0.5% Arkham Knight Batman Hero
20% Gold Hero
77% Silver Hero


  • The image of the chest features, from left to right:
    • Top row from the left : Arkham Knight Batman, Brainiac, Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd
    • Bottom row from the left : Black Manta,Darkseid
  • The background of the Platinum Chest resembles a Boom tube.
  • In Injustice 2 console, the Platinum Chest is a chest to unlock certain gear for heroes.
  • On average, it would take about 133 chests to get Darkseid once, or 400 chests to get him to 6 stars (costing 180,000 gems, or $2400 USD).