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Nightwing is a Gold, 3 Star-base, Tech class hero. Wielding the Staff of Grayson with great dexterity, he could be a cunning opponent.

His shards can be earned in certain Arena seasons and the Dark Duo Chest. However, his gears are currently very hard to acquire, only being available through loot from Raids and through paid offers.


His specials cost low power so use them often and use flying kick because it does a ton of damage and causes stun on contact after the kick. Because of the effects of the specials cater to the opponents, if they have high power and you are afraid of their special then use ground blast but if they are at medium health and you don't have to worry about their power than use staff spin for the critical damage or use flying kick in order to stun them.


Special 1:

Ground Blast

Nightwing touches his staff to the floor twice activating a power drain for a couple of seconds than deals power drain on contact with the opponent even when they are blocking.

Costs: 3 bars of power

Special 2:

Staff spin

Nightwing spins his staff in close range which makes his hits do critical damage

Costs: 4 bars of power

Special 3:

Flying kick

Nightwing does a high kick at medium or close range and makes his hits stun his opponents

Costs: 5 bars of power


  • His super move is from the first Injustice: Gods Among Us game.
  • In Injustice 2, Nightwing is not playable and is replaced by Robin, although there is a gear system that allows customization to turn him into a more Nightwing-like character.