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Multiverse The Flash is a 3-star base gold Metahuman hero.

His shards can be earned in certain Arena seasons.

He can be obtained in the Shared Realities chest at a 1% chance. He can also have shards received from the shard version of the chest.


Multiverse Flash is one of the strongest basic damage dealers in the game, further supported with Multiverse teammates, particularly Multiverse Captain Cold's armor pierce immunity even when the latter is not on the team. With very strong gear and talents, he could deal millions of damage to Raid bosses in one go.

Fighting against him[]

He is a very common opponent in Arena battles, especially higher threat teams (600k+). When teamed with Multiverse teammates, they should generally be avoided as they are very tough and difficult to take down. However, there is a unique common enemy team at even higher threat (1m+) that consists of him, Justice League The Flash, and King of Atlantis Aquaman. They have no synergy with each other and are found here simply because of their very high threat when maxed out. This team is reasonably beatable, even with a ~100k threat Sub-Zero team.

Unlike other Flash heroes, the AI uses his basic attacks slightly differently; upon using a jump attack, he often immediately follows with a dash attack which can catch you off guard, since other Flash heroes stop attacking after a jump allowing you to him them in return.


  • He's based on Grant Gustin's portrayal of The Flash in The Flash (2014 TV series).
  • He is one of the first characters to have 3 passives instead of 1. Multiverse Armored Supergirl is the first, and he was released before her with one passive and later refactored into having 3.
  • His equivalent on the first Injustice Mobile game is Metahuman Flash.
  • When he dodges a special with his S.T.A.R. Labs passive, a blurry figure with yellow and purple lightning can be seen accompanying him in high speed, likely representing Nora West-Allen.