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Master Thief Catwoman is a Gold, 3-Star base, Agility Class Hero. She is currently the only Gold Hero found in the Basic Chest (1 or 2 shards at a time). Previously, she could be obtained through Operations but was later replaced by Heartbreaker Harley Quinn.


Catwoman gains a bonus on any Operations she undertakes. In battle, her diamond-edged claws cause bleeding damage over time (DoT).

Obtaining Gear[]

Master Thief Catwoman's gear can be obtained throughout the Campaign.

  • Hood — Chapter 4, Battle 24 (Normal)
  • Vest — Chapter 5, Battle 12 (Normal)
  • Gloves — Chapter 6, Battle 24 (Heroic)
  • Boots — Chapter 3, Battle 12 (Heroic)
  • Whip — Chapter 4, Battle 12 (Heroic)


Finders Keepers[]

  • Carpe Diem. Catwoman seizes the day and receives more Credits from completing Operations. She also has an increased chance to gain gear.
    • + ( X per Level )% Bonus Credits in Operations
    • + ( X per Level )% Bonus for Gear in Operations

Slash Dash[]

  • Dashing a medium distance forward with a single claw slash, Catwoman staggers her opponent back, dealing damage over time (DoT).
    • ( Attack * 1 + X per Level ) Damage over Time


  • Hazard Damage: Catwoman scatters back then sets a spiked trap onto the ground that causes hazard damage over time (DoT).
    • ( X per Level ) Damage over Time
    • ( Attack * 1.5 + X per Level ) Hazard DoT Damage

Pretty Kitty[]

  • Catwoman cracks her whip, knocking her opponent away.
    • ( Attack * 3 + X per Level ) Damage

Ride Along[]

  • Catwoman decides to take her opponent on the ride of their life.
    • ( Attack * 8 + X per Level ) Damage
    • + ( X per Level )% Damage for the duration of the battle


Play Style[]

  • Her biggest downside is that she doesn't throw or fire a projectile when she moves backwards, instead, she "cracks" her whip. This makes her "bad" at dealing that extra amount of "disabling" damage because it lacks range. In addition, her sweep attack draws an enemy closer instead pushing them away.

Basic Attacks[]

  • Combos to use:
    • Tap - Tap - Tap - Tap - Block (Repeat)
    • Tap - Tap - Tap - Swipe-back - Tap - Block (Repeat)
    • Tap - Tap - Tap - Swipe-down - Block (Repeat)

Stat Construction[]

  • Since Master Thief Catwoman can deal a decent amount of damage to her opponents, it's good to give her damage "procs", Such as "Unblockable Chance" or "Critical Attack Chance" or "Attack" or "Armour Pierce Chance for Basic Attacks". If you get an "Elite" health or defense "proc" don't re-roll them (unless all her other Talents are "Rare" or "Elite") as they are useful for that extra sustainability.

Team Construction[]


  • Agility Class Heroes have an advantage over Meta Class Heroes, so it's usually advised to bring her into a fight against Meta Class Heroes. However, if the enemy has a slow or decent attack speed, regardless of Class, Master Thief Catwoman can help build a decent combo streak before tagging out.


  • She is the only character in game with an ability catered towards Operations.