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Legendary is the highest and the rarest tier for a Hero and with just 13 Heroes as of July 26, 2020 (Update 5.0).

All Legendary Heroes


Acquiring Shards[]

Legendary Heroes must be unlocked at a base Star Rating of 4 except for Black Manta, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad Enchantress and Justice League Superman. They also require the same amount of Shards to unlock and/or promote them to a Star Rating of 5 and 6. With the introduction of Martian Manhunter into the game, all Legendary Heroes can now be unlocked at 3 Stars.

Star Rating Required Shards Cumulative Total
4 450 450
5 450 900
6 450 1350


The most common way to unlock and/or promote Legendary Heroes is by buying Chests. These include;

  • Hero Chest*
    • 0.34% Legendary Hero
  • Platinum Chest*
    • 0.75% Darkseid Hero
    • 0.75% Arkham Knight Batman
  • JL Superman Legendary Hero Chest*
    • 3% Justice League Superman Hero

Ultimate Brainiac Chest*

Versus Challenges[]

  • Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd
  • Brainiac
  • Collector of Worlds Superman
  • Golden Armor Wonder Woman
  • The probabilities given are, only for obtaining Legendary Heroes or Shards.


  • Black Manta has a 1% chance (0.75% chance for other Legendary Heroes) to be received from the Platinum Chest, with platinum, the metal, often being expected to be a tier above silver and gold.
  • The equivalent of this tier in the first game is "Nth Metal", often simply called "Metal" characters.
  • Arkham Knight Batman is the only Legendary Hero that has appeared in the same game for a couple of years. 7 other Legendary Heroes have been added at different times in 2019 and 2020:
    • Darkseid: April 2019
    • Brainiac: July 2019
    • Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd: August 2019
    • Black Manta: October 2019
    • Justice League Superman: December 2019
    • Suicide Squad Harley Quinn: February 2020
    • Enchantress: April 2020

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