Injustice 2 Mobile Wiki

Leagues allow up to 30 players to join together and complete game modes, obtain rewards and access to other facilities, otherwise unavailable to the individual player. These include raids, league missions, shard exchange, league credits and the league store. There can only be up to 10 applications to a league at the same time, any other players that try to apply would be prevented from doing so until at least one has been accepted or rejected.


Raids is a game mode that is only available for players in leagues. There is only one raid, "BRAINIAC: COLLECTOR OF WORLDS" which is available at 8 levels of difficulty, tier 1 to tier 8. Rewards include gear material, credits, XP capsules, orbs , league credits, hero shards and gear.

League Missions[]

League missions allow members to complete objectives together for rewards. There are 7 different league missions one for each day of the week, and each mission has 6 stages. The rewards include credits, gear material and league credits.

Shard Exchange[]

Shard exchange allows members to request hero shards from other members as donations. There is a limit of 10 shards per day, that can be collected but there is no limit to the number of shards that can be donated.

League Credits[]

League credits is a currency that can be earned through raids and completing league missions. League credits can be used to purchase hero shards, gear and tier 6 XP capsules of each class from the league store.

League Store[]

League store allows you to spend league credits to purchase hero shards, gear and tier 6 XP capsules of each class.