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League of Anarchy, or "Joker's League of Anarchy", consists of 3 heroes with passive abilities that benefit each other. Their shards can be found through Raids & Chests, but their highest chance rate is in the League of Anarchy Chest.



Because of their immensely powerful synergy with each other, the League of Anarchy is a popular team in both Arena and Champion’s Arena. Harley’s increased damage to stunned opponents, combined with Joker’s ability to stun on opponent tag in and Ivy’s dot and healing on basic attacks makes the team a threat to face.

In Raids, a popular choice is to replace Last Laugh Joker with Arkham Knight Batman. Because of his unique ability to stun raid bosses (even those with stun immunity), he allows Harley Quinn to deal some very impressive damage to them while Ivy can heal her from any damage she receives.