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League Credits is one of the currencies in Injustice 2 Mobile, earned through activities of Leagues (a small amount for each of the six levels for daily League Missions, and a larger amount upon completing raids that depends on how much damage you do compared to other members).

It can be used to purchase hero shards and gear for exclusive characters as well as all 5 types of specific tier 6 xp capsules.

Hero shards (5) OR Gear Price
King of Atlantis Aquaman 200
Atrocitus 200
John Stewart Green Lantern 100
Power Girl 100
Red Hood 200
The Reverse Flash 100

There are 3 sets of 5 hero shards for each character, as well as 5 pieces of gear for each piece in stock.

All tier 6 xp capsules cost 50 League Credits each, with 20 of each in stock.

Their gears can be bought at level one at the same price as their own shards.


  • It costs 202,500 League Credits in total to obtain all 6 heroes, promote them to 6 stars, as well as buying all their gear.