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Justice League Superman is a Legendary (originally gold)3-star Might class Hero. He is also the strongest Justice League member by threat(not passive, that is JL Cyborg).


His shards are only available in the Justice League Superman chest, Legendary JL Superman chest, United Heroes chest and in special offer packs that cost real money.


When teamed up with any Batman or a Wonder Woman, he gains bonuses. As a Justice League member he also enjoys the passive of his fellow Justice League teammates, particularly Justice League Cyborg for the massive basic damage bonus. He is one of the two Justice League heroes who can use special block, along with Mythic Wonder Woman which is immensely useful against much stronger opponent teams. However, JL Superman is rarer, and his basic attacks have poorer range. More impressively, JL Superman can heal a percentage of his health upon successfully special blocking an opponent's entire special move.

All Justice League teammates including SM himself benefit from 'DO YOU BLEED?' as it can greatly boost their defense stats.

When the player is about to get attacked by the opponent's special move, JL Superman will automatically tag in and interrupt the attack, much like Dark Supergirl. However, this can only occur every 55-30 seconds depending on the level of the "PROTECTOR" passive.

When affected by ailments such as burn, ability lock, power cost increase, defense decrease, damage over time etc., his Special 1 can instantly cancel those effects. JL Superman's Special 3 can burn opponents, halving their current defense much like Multiverse Armored Supergirl.

Overall, JL Superman has greatly improved since his Legendary refactor and when utilised correctly, his abilities put him in good stead against even Darkseid in Arena and Champions Arena.


Good with[]

  • Any Batman and/or Wonder Woman: See 'BATMAN VERSUS SUPERMAN' in Abilities
  • Mythic Wonder Woman, all Justice League members; Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash and Batman.
    • JL Superman can gain a massive damage boost if Batman and JL Cyborg are on your team. When all are maxed out, Superman can gain up to +480% Attack, not taking into account if the opponent has Batman on their team as well.
    • JL Aquaman gives all JL teammates armour pierce on basic and swipe attacks.
    • JL Batman makes all JL teammates immune to the first special move of the battle.

Good against[]

  • Almost any character in the game, especially against opposing League of Anarchy teams, Multiverse teams, Justice Leagues teams with Cyborg and even Darkseid teams.
  • Any Batman and/or Wonder Woman: JL Superman also benefits from bonus attack and health from them. These effects stack if Superman has a Batman/Wonder Woman on his own team.

Countered by[]

  • Black Manta: His special moves can disable JL Superman's ability to heal from special block, especially if the player is overly reliant on it. Black Manta also give his other Legendary teammates this ability.
    • Black Manta also gains even more health than his base amount due to his own passive and as a 'Tech' opponent, makes him difficult to defeat using JL Superman.


    • Superman gains bonus Attack or Health when Batman or Wonder Woman are on either team during battle. These bonuses stack and also apply to Batman and Wonder Woman teammates.
      • 30% / 180% Attack per Batman teammate or opponent
      • 30% / 180% Health per Wonder Woman teammate or opponent
  • Passive 2: DO YOU BLEED?
    • All Legendary and Justice League teammates gain improved Defense.
      • +8% / 48% Defense for Justice League and Legendary teammates
  • Passive 3: PROTECTOR
    • Superman protects his active teammates from opponents' Special Abilities, tagging in and interrupting the Ability with a powerful slam.
      • 293 / 7,380 Damage
      • 55 / 30 seconds Cooldown


  • Special 1: CHARGE PUNCH (Consumes 3 bars of power)
    • Superman neutralises all negative effects affecting him and charges forward with a powerful blow.
      • Maximum 5,855 damage
  • Special 2: SUPER BLOCK (Requires at least 1 bar of power, consumes 1 bar per second)
    • A defensive pose that reduces incoming damage and reflects a portion of it (excluding damage over time) back onto the attacking opponent. While defending, power is slowly drained from Superman. Part of Max Health is restored if Special Ability was blocked.
      • +30% / +74.85% Damage reflected
      • -60% / -91.05% Damage reduced
      • +10% / +30.7% Health restored
  • Special 3: JUSTICE (Consumes 7 bars of power)
    • Superman combines speed, heat and flight to knock down his opponent and apply a burning effect that halves the opponent's current defense.
      • 4,233 / 17,565 damage
      • 8 / 18.35 seconds of burning


  • KRYPTONIAN CRUSH (Consumes 10 bars of power)
    • Superman shows his unparalleled power and gives his foe a pummelling in the skies.
      • Maximum 19,680 Damage
      • +5% / +35% Damage for the duration of the battle.

Starting Stats[]


  • 4,860


  • 1,320


  • 198


  • 150% Critical Attack Damage
  • 1% Critical Attack Chance
  • 5% Lethal Attack Chance
  • 2 Fast Attack Hits
  • 1% Fast Attack Chance


  • 5% Defense
  • 25% Blocking
  • 0% Stun Attack Resistance
  • 0% Damage Over Time Resistance
  • 0% Critical Attack Resistance

Acquiring Gear[]

His gear is only available in the JL Superman Power Up chests or gear packs that cost real money in Special Offers.

Gear Set Bonus[]

A Gear bonus is when the character has a number of gears equipped out of five total gears that the character can have on at once. The character gains a bonus for having it equipped.

Amount of Gear Rewards
2/5 +5% Defense
3/5 +5% Attack
5/5 +15% Power Generation


  • He is based on Henry Cavill's portrayal of Superman in the 2013, 2016 and 2017 films, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League respectively.
  • His card background appears to evoke the crystalline Fortress of Solitude popularized by the Christopher Reeve Superman films; however, it does not exist in the DC Extended Universe which Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League is part of.
  • Prior to update 3.4, he used to be BvS Superman, a 3-star gold hero. He had much lower threat level and base stats.
    • He is the first character ever to be refactored from a gold character to a legendary
    • He only had one passive which was 'BATMAN VERSUS SUPERMAN' but it was much weaker. At Level 5, it only granted 15% attack and health per Batman and Wonder Woman respectively.
    • His passives now max out at Level 6 instead of 5.
    • When he was gold BvS Superman, his gear used to be available for free after unlocking him and leveling him up. This is no longer the case.
  • If he is unlocked/purchased straight at 4-stars, his base health and attack are equal to Brainiac's.
  • After his refactor, his special block actually has slightly weaker damage reduction (increases at 0.45 instead of 0.5 per level) but notably stronger reflect damage (increases at 0.55 instead of 0.5). When maxed out at level 70, it will have +74.85% damage reflected and -91.05% incoming damage.
    • This is different from all other special block users who reduces damage by 94.5% and reflects 64.5% when maxed (since they both increase by 0.5 per level).
  • In version 3.5, his normal block was able to heal himself when blocking a special move without actually using his special block. This was fixed in update 3.6.
    • There was a bug where if a special block user fought against a team with JL Superman and use super block, the opponent would immediately halt their movements (even when performing a special move), though this isn't true when fighting JL Superman himself. This was also fixed in update 3.6.