Justice League Cyborg is a 2-star base gold Tech class hero. Perhaps the most powerful character to ever hit Injustice 2 mobile, the extreme basic damage he allows all Justice League teammates to inflict (including himself) can cut down much stronger opponents with frightening efficiency - with the sole exception of teams with Grid.


His shards could be obtained in his Arena Invasion event - when he was active he may randomly "invade" a battle, replacing one of the characters. If you succeed in beating the match, you will obtain a few shards and a piece of his gear. You can obtain rewards 3 times a day.

His invasion event has ended and his shards cannot be purchased anymore with Arena medals


He is one of the strongest in-fight support heroes in the game. His passive basic damage boost is simply insane, allowing basics to do massive damage even without tons of other expensive upgrades.

When a Justice League team with Cyborg is fought as the high Threat option in Arena, they can sometimes be so strong they can KO your heroes with a single basic attack (particularly jump attack) or combo.


Good with

  • Justice League The Flash: His passive increases your Fast Attack combo, making more opportunities for teammates to use Basic Attack. He also gives Justice League teammates and himself an unblockable chance on their first special attack.
  • Justice League Aquaman: He is a very effective teammate for him, as his passive grants Justice League basic attacks a high armor piercing chance, making it even harder to defend against.

Countered by

  • Grid: Grid disables all Cyborg passives as long as Grid has not been KO'ed.
  • Special block users: Like all Justice League heroes (with the sole exception of Justice League Batman's Fiery Bomb), all his attacks can be blocked and reflected by Special Block. Against a strong JL team, even missing one special block can spell instant death, so this takes skill and practice.

Base stats

Threat 1,563
Health 718
Damage 129

Cyber Strike drains 3 Power Bars, increasing by 0.03 per level.


  • He is added in the 1.8.0 update.
  • He is the only Justice League hero to be 2 star base instead of 3.
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