Justice League Cyborg is a 2-star base gold Tech class hero. Perhaps the most powerful character to ever hit Injustice 2 mobile, the extreme basic damage he allows all Justice League teammates to inflict (including himself) can cut down much stronger opponents with frightening efficiency - with the sole exception of teams with Grid.


His shards could be obtained in Arena battles - when he was active he may randomly "invade" a battle, replacing one of the characters. If you succeed in beating the match, you will obtain a few shards and a piece of his gear. You can obtain rewards 3 times a day.

His invasion event has ended and his shards can now be purchased with Arena medals.

Base statsEdit

Threat 1,563
Health 718
Damage 129

Cyber Strike drains 3 Power Bars, increasing by 0.03 per level.


  • He is added in the 1.8.0 update.