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Justice League Batman is a 3-star default gold Agility class hero. His shards can be earned in certain Arena seasons


He's the only Justice League hero whose passive is purely defensive. His passive gives him armor pierce after using his special 1. The second part is essentially a team-wide Armored Superman passive, as it applies to both him and any Justice League teammates. His Fiery Bomb, a DOT, is the only attack by Justice League heroes that at least partly ignores block and special block. His passive might make him the worst Justice League character, but his passive is one that is not to be underestimated. Teaming him up with other Justice League teammates make it harder to beat the team, using Batman to ignore a special then instantly hitting the enemy after the special ends. This can K.O. the opponent in a few hits


  • his Passive allows for him to use armor price after using Special 1 and last for 7 seconds
  • All Justice Lauge Heros ignore the oponets spacial 1,2 or 3


  • Special 1 Grounde
  • at Close Range Batman Kicks His oponent down
  • [Attack * 1 + X per Level] Damage

Play Style[]

You would want to team him with fellow Justice Leaguers, especially Justice League Cyborg, greatly boosting the Justice League teammates' damage. You can actually freely tag in all Justice League characters anytime you want (unless you have used his passive with that Justice League charcter) because special attack aren't going to affect Justice League teammates once. When fighting enemies with high armor, you would want to use his Grounded, giving you Armor-Pierce and dealing even more damage.

Good With[]

Justice League Characters: Teaming up with other Justice League characters, especially Justice League Cyborg gives him unique synergies (e.g. Justice League Cyborg gives the entire Justice League teammates damage boost)