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Justice League Aquaman is a 3-star base, Gold Might Class hero. Justice League Aquaman was first added to the game on February 16, 2018. Justice League Aquaman grants other Justice League teammates a high chance to armor pierce on basic attacks.

Justice League Aquaman can be obtained via his Arena seasons, which are fairly regular, or through chests, such as the United Heroes chest.


Aquaman may revive a fallen teammate of any class upon using his From the Deep Supermove. In addition, Aquaman grants fellow Justice League teammates a high chance for armor-piercing on their Basic Attacks, Swipe Attacks and Tag Attacks.

As this passive allows Aquaman and Justice League teammates to bypass Defense, Aquaman is an excellent choice for Arena. When paired with Justice League Cyborg, whose passive adds an enormous amount of extra damage to Basic and Swipe Attacks, they can defeat much higher threat Arena teams very efficiently and quickly.

Aquaman can also be an effective support character for Solo Raids, usually alongside Justice League Cyborg, and either Justice League The Flash, who benefits from the damage and armor piercing passives of the former heroes, whilst also having 4 fast attack hits, or Justice League Superman.


Primordial Power (Passive)[]

  • Justice League Aquaman’s From the Deep Supermove revives one fallen teammate, with 15%/18.75%/22.5%/26.25%/30% health restored. All Justice League teammates gain 60%/70%/80%/90%/100% chance to armor-pierce on Basic, Swipe and Tag-In Attacks.

Amped (Special 1)[]

  • At close distance, Arthur ends a quick combo with a heavy knee, knocking down his opponent.
    • (Attack*1 + X per Lvl) Damage

King's Tide (Special 2)[]

  • From any distance, Arthur strikes the ground, temporarily slowing the power generation of his opponent.
    • (Attack*2 + X per Lvl) Damage
    • - ( ? ) Power Generation

Rising Seas (Special 3)[]

  • From close distance, Aquaman kicks upwards, knocking his opponent away.
    • (Attack*3 + X per Lvl) Damage

From The Deep (Supermove)[]

  • An aquatic ally aids in striking down Aquaman's opponent.


  • Justice League Aquaman & King of Atlantis Aquaman are both versions of DCEU Aquaman, making Aquaman the only character in game to have two forms from within the same continuity.