John Stewart Green Lantern is a 2-star base, gold Arcane class hero whose shards and gear may be purchased with League Credits earned in Raids, at 100 credits per 5 shards or 1 gear piece.

He is extremely beneficial in phase III of Boss Brainiac, being able to negate secondary effects from hazards; his team would be able to stand in the power-draining (yellow) hazards indefinitely with no ill effect.


  • He is also a playable fighter in the first game, although in the story, he is dead before the first console game's events happen.
    • Both versions of him have an ability that allows them to shoot his opponent several times with a green energy construct rifle, alluding to his origin as a US Marine. His hero advantage against phase III Brainiac is also named "Military Constructs".
  • He's the only 2-star base League Credits hero.

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