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Horrific Scarecrow is a gold 3-star base Metahuman Class Hero. His shards are currently found in the Arena store.

While a fairly "basic" card, one of the oldest, with low stats, only requiring a Stellar Orb to promote to 6 star and not very flashy, he is one of the best defensive characters, especially upon reaching 4-star to upgrade his passive significantly.

His passive essentially acts as a defensive version of the one seen on Doctor Fate/Powergirl. Instead of letting your team use more abilities, Scarecrow makes it so your opponent can use less. It’s an ability that should not be overlooked, especially against teams that rely heavily on special attacks.


Fear Aura (passive)[]

Adjust opposing team's Power Bar costs by +1/1/1/2/2 for Special Abilities

-2/4/6/8/10% Attack for opposing team

Does not stack with similar Abilities

Scarecrow's aura makes his opponents panic. The opposing team has reduced attack and opponent's Abilities require more power (does not stack with similar passive Abilities).

Chain Spin[]


The doctor wildly wings his chain and hook around at medium distance, inflicting armor piercing damage while knocking away his opponent.

Fear Gas[]

Creates a hazard that disables Special Abilities. Hazard remains active for 3.2 (+0.08 per level) seconds

Scarecrow retreats briefly before attacking, releasing a gas hazard that can temporarily disable his opponent's Abilities.

Succumb to Fear[]

Scarecrow kicks his chained hook forward, knocking down opponents at distance.


Fear Aura is core to his character. Especially upon reaching level 4, it reduces damage taken from enemy specials significantly.

Despite it saying it doesn't stack, it does stack with Black Adam's Storm Cloud ability that may temporarily increase opponent power consumption on ability use.

Since Succumb to Fear deals 3x the damage of Chain Spin without the armor pierce, assuming that all else is equal, it will do more damage than Chain Spin against opponents per power bar unless they have at least 42% defence, and will do more damage in one use of the special unless they have at least 67% defence.

Good with[]

Good against[]

  • Doctor Fate and Power Girl: Horrific Scarecrow's power cost increase and their power cost reduction cancel each other out, making these two a lot more manageable. However, note that while they no longer actively cause their teammate's special block drain power slower, they still seem to cancel out Horrific Scarecrow's ability to make them drain power faster.

Countered by[]


  • He is graphically updated in the 1.5 update to have hallucinatory orange veins on his body.