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All 88 heroes ingame as of May 14th, 2019.

Heroes are fighters in the game, regardless of morality or alignment. They are all variants of a number of Characters (the terminology from NetherRealm Studios are often inconsistent, and they may use "character" to refer to heroes, but on this wiki, the aforementioned terminology is used for consistency, subject to change). All of them belong to one of the five distinct classes.

Fighters who are non-playable characters are not considered heroes and only non-bosses ones can be played using Unhinged Harley Quinn's passive once defeated or by cloning them with Sub-Zero's passive.

Heroes can be obtained directly through the store or through the accumulation of the requisite number of shards. All currently released heroes and their gear can be checked in "Roster" on the home page. Unobtained heroes have their portraits in grey and a progress bar showing how many shards have been collected so far, their model also has patches of nothingness when you tap on the card until you unlock them.

Shards are also used to upgrade the Star rating of the heroes you possess. Any duplicate obtained of a hero already possessed is immediately converted into shards. There are three tiers of heroes: silver, gold, and Legendary (purple), with different shard requirements to unlock and upgrade.

All heroes have their own gear, which can be equipped to increase their crit damage, crit chance, health, damage or defense. Once they have all 5 of their gear, their appearance may change.

Hero Level is another main way to increase a hero's power; by winning matches or using XP Capsules heroes gain experience and levels, increasing their basic stats. The maximum level of a Hero is 70. Specials can be upgraded, capped at the Hero Level. As of Update 5.0, the maximum level of all heroes and abilities is now 80, however, characters need to have a 7 star rating to level up past 70.

As of the 17th of September 2020, there are 93 heroes in total: 20 silver, 67 gold, and 12 legendary.

List of heroes[]

This list is sorted the same as Roster does when sorted by name: First according to character name (including changes), then variant name, with the "prime" version listed first.

  1. Aquaman
  2. Atlantean Armor Aquaman
  3. Justice League Aquaman
  4. King of Atlantis Aquaman
  5. Atrocitus
  6. Bane
  7. Enraged Bane
  8. Batman
  9. Arkham Knight Batman
  10. Batman Ninja Batman
  11. Classic Batman
  12. Justice League Batman
  13. Knightmare Batman
  14. Predator Batman
  15. Multiverse Batwoman
  16. Black Adam
  17. Black Canary
  18. Sonic Black Canary
  19. Multiverse Black Lightning
  20. Black Manta
  21. Blue Beetle
  22. Brainiac
  23. Captain Cold
  24. Multiverse Captain Cold
  25. Catwoman
  26. Batman Ninja Catwoman
  27. Master Thief Catwoman
  28. Cheetah
  29. Cyborg
  30. Justice League Cyborg
  31. Unbreakable Cyborg
  32. Darkseid
  33. Deadshot
  34. Suicide Squad Deadshot
  35. Doctor Fate
  36. Soulstealer Doctor Fate
  37. Suicide Squad Enchantress
  38. Firestorm
  39. The Flash
  40. Justice League The Flash
  41. Multiverse The Flash
  42. Speedforce The Flash
  43. Gorilla Grodd
  44. Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd
  45. Telekinetic Gorilla Grodd
  46. Green Arrow
  47. Ace Green Arrow
  48. Multiverse Green Arrow
  49. Green Lantern
  50. Emerald Green Lantern
  51. John Stewart Green Lantern
  52. Grid
  53. Harley Quinn
  54. Batman Ninja Harley Quinn
  55. Heartbreaker Harley Quinn
  56. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
  57. Unhinged Harley Quinn
  58. Hellboy
  59. The Joker
  60. Last Laugh The Joker
  61. Batman Ninja Lord Joker
  62. Martian Manhunter
  63. Nightwing
  64. Entangling Poison Ivy
  65. Flora Poison Ivy
  66. Power Girl
  67. Raiden
  68. Raven
  69. Red Hood
  70. The Reverse Flash
  71. Robin
  72. Batman Ninja Robin
  73. Blademaster Robin
  74. Scarecrow
  75. Horrific Scarecrow
  76. Shazam
  77. Silver Banshee
  78. Energized Starfire
  79. Sub-Zero
  80. Dark Supergirl
  81. Multiverse Supergirl
  82. Multiverse Armored Supergirl
  83. Powered Supergirl
  84. Superman
  85. Armored Superman
  86. Classic Superman
  87. Justice League Superman
  88. Collector of Worlds Superman
  89. Swamp Thing
  90. Primal Swamp Thing
  91. Vixen
  92. Multiverse White Canary
  93. Wonder Woman
  94. Amazon Wonder Woman
  95. Golden Armor Wonder Woman
  96. Mythic Wonder Woman
  97. Warrior Queen Wonder Woman