Heartbreaker Harley Quinn is a 2-star base Agility class gold hero. Her shards can be obtained through Operations, making her one of the easiest gold heroes to obtain.


Her gear is gained through Achievements. Each must be completed and claimed before the next.

  • Heartbreaking Acquisition - Unlock Heartbreaker Harley Quinn (Gloves)
  • Powerful in Pink - Upgrade Heartbreaker Harley Quinn to level 5 (Rose)


It's Not Me, It's You (passive)Edit

  • 15%/30%/45%/60%/?/? chance for team to Reflect stuns, stunning the attacker instead
  • +5%/6.75%/8.5%/10.25%/?/? battle XP for Heroes

Teammates targeted by stun attacks, gain a chance to reflect them, stunning the attacker instead. Harley also increases Hero XP earnings for all combatants within the same roster.


An unusual quality of Heartbreaker Harley Quinn is that she inherently has 3 fast attack hits, and a 15% fast attack chance (almost all heroes have 2 hits at a 1% chance only at base). This means her Basic Attacks do more damage and build up combo meter faster.

Her special 3, Pistol Blast, is an armor-piercing attack, allowing it to deal heavy damage against high defense opponents.

Her accessibility makes it a good choice for players who struggle in Arena.