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A Hazard is an element deployed into a battle setting by a character's ability. They can have a variety of different characteristics, but ultimately all have in common that they have at least one effect activate (or attempt to do so) if they are traversed.

List of Hazards[]

Most abilities are clearly shown to be or to employ hazards specifically on their Ability Upgrade tabs. In the case of Swamp Thing, his passive ability "Wild Growth" sees him create a "self-beneficial" hazard upon the use of any of his other abilities.

  • Batman's "Stun Bomb" ability drops a "smoke bomb" hazard that can inflict stun. This hazard is of a very short duration, and disappears after once traversed. The hazard itself is thrown a very small distance, and because of it's short duration and distance, is usually basically "part of" the launching attack. If this ability is unleashed on a blocking opponent, the hazard though "traversed" is of no effect, as blocking opponents cannot be stunned (testing requested to confirm).
  • Harley Quinn's "Surprise" ability lays down a "cupcake bomb"/"cupcake trap" that has multiple possible effects.
  • Scarecrow's "Fear Gas" ability deploys a lingering green, gaseous "Hazard" that will disable the opponent's abilities if it is traversed. Properly speaking the hazard itself does not inflict damage, the described damage being innate to the initial attack (not occurring if the attack is dodged, reduced if the attack is blocked, etc.). The hazard has a duration equal to the length described in the ability (dependent upon upgrades), and will not disappear if traversed. Each time it is traversed, the effect will last until x seconds have expired, or until the entire hazard has expired, whichever occurs sooner (testing requested to confirm).
  • Swamp Thing's passive ability "Wild Growth" sees him create a hazard with each use of his other abilities.
  • Cyborg's "EMP" ability drops a "plasma field" which will inflict a power drain if it is traversed. Each drain is equal to the amount described in the ability, though it can actually occur multiple times as the drain is applied once per occasion/window that the hazard is traversed.


Hazards are one of the larger additions to Injustice 2 Mobile


  • "Hazard" naturally has a negative connotation, but it is the game's technical term for all elements deployed onto the battlefield by abilities, including Swamp Thing's healing hazard.
    • For another such term used in-game that has its common connotation flipped, see "Heroes".