Grid is a 2-star base, gold Tech class hero. He is a walking man of kryptonite for Cyborg, and the perfect counter to the most powerful version, Justice League Cyborg, by disabling all of their passives.


Grid is obtainable as shards from 3 different battles: chapter 3 battle 18, chapter 5 battle 6, and chapter 7 battle 6. He is the only hero whose shards are found in 3 battles, other than Multiverse Batwoman.

He is also available through Challenges, which makes him the only hero to be available through both challenges and the Campaign currently.


Unsurprisingly, he is good against any variant of Cyborg (character).

Circuit Breaker no longer disable enemy Cyborg passives if Grid is KO'ed.

Grapple Tech has two hits, a grapple that damages the current opponent, and a punch that hits the tech opponent that is forced to tag in. He can only force a tag in if the first hit is not blocked, and the punch would be block breaking. The vast majority of the damage is in the punch. An enemy Grid is not considered a variant of Cyborg.

Both Drone Strike and Data Mine have a unique mechanic in which Grid emits a puff of green gas at the beginning that does no damage, but staggers the opponent allowing the Drone or Mine to hit. The gas can be blocked. Also, as the real hit comes quite slowly, it is very easy to Special block it, or, if timed correctly, dodge it by tagging or interrupt it with Dark Supergirl or Multiverse Armored Supergirl.

This, along with how Grapple Tech does negligible amounts of damage when blocked, actually makes Grid one of the easiest opponents to fight against as long as you are not relying too much on Cyborg passives. His shield can be annoying, but if your basic attacks are strong enough to trigger it, his stats would be too low to be a threat to you in general.


  • Previously, the status icon of his shield from his passive shows the amount of shield he has left (same as permanent-until-broken shields, like from Green Lantern). After an update, it shows how much time it has before it expires, which is more useful as the shield is huge and is unlikely to be broken before it expires, especially at high current health.
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