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This page is currently under construction. The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete. Green Lantern is a Silver-tier, Arcane Class Hero. His shards is directly available from the Arena Store.


Summary: "Hal Jordan envelops his entire team in a protective shield to start every battle. Hal can also create dangerous constructs which causes damage over time."




The abilities for Green Lantern are:

  1. Green Barrier (Passive)
  • Team Absorption Shield (X% of Max Health)

At the start of the match Green Lantern's teammates gain an Absorption Shield

  1. Grinder
  • X damage over time

Hazard: Green Lantern floats back then constructs a trap of spinning blades that can deal damage over time (DOT).

  1. Grand Slam
  • X Damage

Swinging for the bleachers, Hal equips a spiked bat after a trio of warm up strikes to knock back his opponent.

  1. (Available after 3 stars)

Each ability follows a formula to calculate it's damage, and upgrade Cost. Each Ability has its own level.

Note: Passive = Always active in battle And Base Damage refers to The Joker's Damage in Stats.

Basic AttacksEdit

Light Attack (% damage stat)
Dash (2% damage stat)
Jump (4% damage stat)
Crouch (% damage stat)
Range (% damage stat)

Tag (% damage stat)

Light - light - light - X (X% - X% - X%): Creates weak knockback, opponent can close.

  • All combos can be preceded by Tag.

Super MoveEdit

Mechanized Assault: Green Lantern slams giant robot boots onto his enemy, then he makes them into legs and then claps them with hands, then it forms a body, then he hits them with the head, making a whole robot, then fires a giant laser blast.



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