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Green Lantern, not to be confused with Emerald Green Lantern or John Stewart Green Lantern, is a 1-Star base, Silver, Arcane class Hero.


Uniquely among silver heroes, his shards were only available from the Arena Store, and not from chests or the Campaign.

Update 3.1 saw him removed from the Arena Store, however his character page still incorrectly lists 'Arena' as the only way to obtain his shards.

Despite being removed from the Arena store, Green Lantern has not been added to any chests.


Hal Jordan envelops his entire team in a protective shield to start every battle. Hal can also create dangerous constructs which causes damage over time.


Green Barrier (Passive)[]

  • At the start of the match Green Lantern's teammates gain an Absorption Shield.
    • Team Absorption Shield ( X per Level % of Max Health)


  • Hazard Damage: Green Lantern floats back then constructs a trap of spinning blades that can deal hazard damage over time (DoT)
    • ( X per Level ) Damage
    • ( Attack * 1 + X per Level ) Hazard DoT Damage

Grand Slam[]

  • Swinging for the bleachers, Hal equips a spiked bat after a trio of warm up strikes to knock back his opponent.
    • ( Attack * 2 + X per Level ) Damage


  • At long distance, Green Lantern creates a minigun that sprays pain onto his opponent.
    • ( Attack * 3 + X per Level ) Damage

Mechanized Assault (Supermove)[]

  • Hal Jordan harnesses his willpower into a devastating attack.
    • ( Attack * 8 + X per Level ) Damage
    • +( X per Level )% Damage for the duration of the battle


While not very common and a silver, he can be quite a tough support hero to fight against because of his passive. While shielded, his team takes no damage and is not staggered by your attacks; this means you generally could only land one basic attack before they retaliate with their basic combo, until the shield is broken.