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Gorilla Grodd is a Silver-tier Might Class Hero. He is directly obtainable from the store's Hero Chest as a 1*, or can be first redeemed with 10 of his shards, which are available as a rare drop in the Basic Chest or a reward in Heroic Campaign Battles , , & . His obtain, promotion, and stat info are as follows:

1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
Shards 10 20 80
Lv 1 Base Health/Damage 346 / 56
Lv 60 Base Health/Damage




His passive ability, Berserk, gives him +10% Damage (*Passive level) below 40% of his health.

Gorilla Grodd's first activated ability, Stampede, features him charge forward with X possible hits registering in the course of the charge if the opponent is in range. It seems to be able to KO on the first and final hits.

Psi Shield (1 power, +30% Incoming Damage reflected, -60% Incoming Damage) is a traditional block ability, such as is possessed by a few other Might heroes.

Basic Attacks[]